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The Cruel World

April 16, 2013

The going reality is the greedy and mean world that doesn’t have any respect for humanity; the world of competition rather than struggle. The world that watches you die. And help its own way between the haves and have-nots.

‘Talakawa’ literally means proletarian subject, the poor and ordinary; and ‘talauci’ the state of being poor is the life that one never choose but find self in. Yet, you can’t consider life to be unfair, knowing perfectly well that it is not beauty, strength, knowledge, status, size, height, colour, language, region, that gives wealth, neither does lack of any of these bring poverty.
Where does the actual happiness lies between those who have and those and those who do not have? We live in a world of two realities; the going reality and the ultimate reality. The going reality is the greedy and mean world that doesn’t have any respect for humanity; the world of competition rather than struggle, the world that watches you die and help its own way .We’ve heard the story of a man that lived in front of the gate of a millionaire in an abandoned vehicle with his family for decades, the millionaire watched this poor man struggle for his daily meal while there was more than enough for himself, his dog and for his garbage can too, yet he went to bed and slept comfortably as nothing happened.

The wicked world that makes one has condescending self-confidence, the world that looks into your background and what you are made of before you are given any chance to exercise your birthright; the world full of people that never give you any opportunity to grow, but rather would do its possible best to ensure that things never get better for you.
We’ve also heard about a poor man that always praised a politician in north-west region just to earn little money. His words are; “Shugaban Shugabani, Sai ka yi….” But suddenly, the poor man disappeared and was never seen again then the politician became worried and asked the people around of his whereabouts, only to be told that the poor man was involved in an auto crash. The politician voluntarily settled the medical bills, he made it obvious that he has all it takes to make life better for the poor man but for the fear of competition also loosing recognition never allowed him to offer such assistance, unknown to him that what ought to be will always be. Even the medical bill settled by him was simply because he always wanted someone who would make him feel recognised.

The ultimate reality is the world of goodness, fulfilment, accomplishment, satisfaction, as well as actualisation; the world of equality, equity, sincerity, loyalty, fairness, justice, liberation… Eighty percent of the country populations that constitute the class of common people still find pleasure in placing their hope in the hands of Nature. They enjoy the best of life, live a life of guarantee, sincerely ready for the worst eventuality, even when their fundamental human rights are been jeopardised, they still have faith and contribute in the actualization of national development and unity.
These Talakawas extended their goodness to people who live around them through a unique attitude known as “I care for my neighbour”. They encourage collaboration, share problems, offer financial assistance whenever the need arises, show genuine love and legal interest for total welfare of their families and the society. It is only the Talakawas that treat the children of their neighbours as though they were theirs, while the former isolate themselves and their children from others.

A particular Islammiyya(centre for Islamic learning) located in the Federal Capital Territory(FCT) had to introduce a compulsory school uniform to condemn the negative attitude of some parents who encourage their children to “oppress” fellow pupils with “blink” and “expensive” wears since the primary mandate of the islammiyya is to inculcate morality among pupils. The world would have been a better place and a home for all if our leaders would have the heart of Talakawas and live with the spirit of “I care for my neighbour” not “Devil May care Attitude” and stop running after what they term their share of the national cake.

– Salihu Muhammad Sani
Minna, Nigeria.


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