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The Tragic Death Of Iya

April 22, 2013

Iya is the woman that live next door to my anty’s house, she has 7 children and the only wife of her husband. They live in a house with a large compound with different families living in it, living with her poor husband. Malam Iliya, Iya’s husband is so poor that he does faskare to feed the family, though his male children are helping. Iya is a hard working woman that she sells waina to help her husband and take care of the family as well.

It reached to a time that the first daughter of the family is getting married, so had to work so hard for the wedding expenses, apart from the waina she started selling groundnut, tiger nuts, sweets and zobo. As poor as they were, they were able to take her to her husband house with almost everything she would need. After a year, she gave birth to a baby girl. The baby was healthy but the mother wasn’t, she became seriously sick that she didn’t survive, she died few weeks after the birth of her baby. Iya was the one to take care of the baby and she took her into her home, indeed happy and contented family they were.

When we were kids we really love going to our Anty’s house, especially during the holidays. I could remember this one clearly, when the school has been closed, we decided to go to our Anty’s for holidays as usual. Our aunt so much love us around that she did to us whatever we want, waina is always the 1st thing for breakfast. That very day was friday, in the morning and it was my turn to buy waina from Iya, so I went there, I met so many people waiting and I joined. When it was my turn, I noticed Iya was uneasy. She begged me to wait, she went to the toilet and came back, after like 5mins she went back again, before I left, Iya have been to the toilet for like five times. Deep down my mind I was like ” am no gonna eat this waina, after all the toilet ish”, I took mine and went back home.

After all what I have said, I still ate the waina because I so much love it. We shared it among us, and it wasn’t enough so my cousin was asked to get more. We were eating while she left, when she came back she was like “Iya ta mutu” right from the entrance, we rushed out of the house to Iya’s house only to find Iya lying on her bed dead. It was really shocking, that we haven’t finished eating what she have done and now she’s dead. She woke up so well and lively, did the waina preparation, fry it and nw dead. It later occurred to me that she was sick and that’s why she kept going to the toilet, and after like 2hrs, Iya is left alone in her grave. She is gone, forever and will never return. After her death, two of her children also died, 1 of stomach pain and the other while delivering her 1st baby. May Allah bless the ones alive and forgive those that died, Amin.

-Fatima Shehu Aliyu
Facebook:Fatyemah Sheyhuh Alieyuh
Twitter: @fatyemah


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